Capacity Development & Public Education

TIMRAN will develop the tradition of organizing short-term capacity building programs for its stokeholds and the general public on an ad hoc basis in different areas which have a positive impact on the advancement of women’s political participation and decision makings. Through the strategic plan, TIMRAN will strengthen this culture by utilizing public education, public education (mentorship, training, capacity building); election focused activities, and membership and staff development
Mentorship programmes to strengthen the female talent pipeline. While these programmes most commonly entail matching mentees with mentors/sponsors within organizations to help increase mentees’ exposure in executive decision-making circles, they differ in several respects. Mentors take on an advisory role towards their mentees, helping them build a career vision and suggesting ways to expand the mentee’s network. TIMRAN will act as advocates for their mentees, driving their career vision and providing them with active network connections.


Major areas in which Capacity development will be offered are;

  • Women and youth development in political participation and decision makings
  • Capacitate politician women for democracy and peace building
  • Strengthening the capacity of women political candidates
  • Training for women’s political leadership
  • Women’s political participation and representation training
  • Gender and political participation
  • Women’s education and political participation
  • Benefits of women politicians and decision-making for nation building
  • Women’s participation at the local level in politics and decision makings
  • Barriers and solutions to increasing women’s political participation and decision makings
  • Narrowing the gap between urban and rural women in political participation and decision makings
  • Resources mobilization and women’s political participation and decision-makings
  • Ethiopian women’s awareness level of politics and decision makings
  • Voter education
  • Mentorship on women’s political participation and representation