Networking & Partnership

Beyond engagement in issues that directly affect women’s leadership and political empowerment, TIMRAN participates in other civil society organizations’ activities that will indirectly enhance women’s participation in politics and decision-making roles through networking and partnership.
These are activities like taking an active role in national women’s alliance establishment for women’s political empowerment and taking initiatives for major African women’s advocacy groups working on women’s political participation and decision-making. Female networks are either set up to accelerate women’s career advancement or as a means to foster change in men leads political leadershipculture at the grassroots level.

Political leadership is historically populated by men. Women’s Political leadership career advancement and access to leadership positions are heterogeneous and take various forms. TIMRAN will create networks with different stakeholders to support the advancement of women’s political leadership careers and to foster an inclusive political culture. With network and partnership as means TIMRAN plan to carry out the following activities in the strategic plan.

Those are:

  • Preparation for the local election
  • Meeting with political parties and partners
  • Networking with diversification- regional
  • Women’s leadership Alliance
  • Selecting Ambassador
  • Preparation on Election
  • Resource mobilization
  • Actively engaged in the national dialogue
  • Strengthening – CSOs